Our Team

Ing. Andreas Aichinger, MSc

Production and clean room, sterile processes, ISO 13485

Andreas Aichinger

Due to my many years of experience as a quality manager at an international medical device manufacturer and my work as a trainer and auditor, I know the normative and legal requirements as well as practical ways of implementing external requirements correctly and efficiently. My main competences are sterilization processes and clean rooms, the implementation of quality requirements in production, validation and the development of management systems according to ISO 13485.

Career development

  • Höhere Technische Bundeslehranstalt für Chemieingenieurwesen und Chemieverfahrenstechniker (HTL Ing.)
  • Aufbaulehrgang Umweltmanagement und technischen Umweltschutz
  • Masterstudium “Executive Management mit Schwerpunkt Quality Management”
  • Chemotechniker (DSM Fine Chemicals Austria) - Pharma
  • Qualitätsbeauftragter (DSM Fine Chemicals Austria)- Pharma
  • Branchenbeauftragter Medizinprodukte (Quality Austria) - Zertifizierung / Auditierung
  • Trainer bei Quality Austria im Bereich Medizinprodukte
  • Mitglied im österreichischen Normungsausschuß (Arbeitsgruppe: Medizintechnik/Medizinprodukte)
  • Mitglied in der ISO Normung ISO/TC76 – “Transfusion, infusion and injection, and blood processing equipment for medical and pharmaceutical use
  • Auditorenausbildung ISO9001, ISO13485, DQS MED (benannte Stelle)
  • Europa + USA: Zulassung / Zertifizierung von Medizinprodukten, Forum Institut
  • Jährliches Medizinprodukte Update, Forum Institut
  • Auditorenschulung laufend, DQS MED
  • Gutachterausbildung Techn. Dokumentation / Hauptaktenprüfung Medizinprodukte, DQS MED
  • Auditorenausbildung durch Health Canada (CMDCAS-Programm) für eingetragene Registrars, Academia Qualitas
  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP) für Medizinprodukte


DI(FH) Dr. Andreas Böhler, MLBT

Medical Software (EN 62304, EN 62366, IEC 82304-1), Quality Management (EN ISO 13485), Mobile Health (EN 62304, IEC 82304-1), Audits (according to EN ISO 19011)

Andreas Böhler

Open source software and hardware related programming have always been my favorite topics. To develop a medical device in one of these areas requires experience and expertise beyond mere technology. For the realization of projects I support you with my special knowledge, from the idea to the finished product up to the market surveillance.

Career development

  • JKU - Johannes-Kepler-Universität, Linz, Recht und Wirtschaft für Techniker
  • PMU - Paracelsus Medizinische Privatuniversität, Salzburg, Doktorat der medizinischen Wissenschaften
  • FH Oberösterreich, Linz, Studiengang Medizintechnik
  • Nebenberuflich Lehrbeauftragter Fachhochschule Oberösterreich - Software Lifecycle Processes / Betriebssysteme & IT-Sicherheit
  • Entwicklungsingenieur GE Healthcare, Zipf
  • Freier Software-Entwickler medPhoton GmbH, Salzburg
  • Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter & Betreuung QM-System radART Institut der Paracelsus Medizinischen Privatuniversität Salzburg
  • EDV Betreuung Ordination für Allgemeinmedizin
  • Universitá degli studi di Pavia, Pavia, Italien
  • gmds - Zertifikat Medizinische Informatik
  • bsi Akademie - Lead Auditor EN ISO 13485:2016
  • Linux Professional Institute - LPIC-2
  • Linux Professional Institute - LPIC-1
  • TÜV Austria - Zertifizierter Medizinprodukteberater
  • TÜV Austria - Datenschutzbeauftragter


DI(FH) Dr. Michael Ring

Clinical evaluation, Clinical trials of medical devices (EN 14155), Performance evaluation of IVDs

Michael Ring

I interpret my role as a consultant as a long-term cooperation with companies in the implementation of ideas in the fascinating field of medical technology. With my broad expertise and my professional network I am at your disposal to jointly master the diverse challenges of this field.

My professional passions include the clinical investigation of medical devices and the performance evaluation of IVDs.

Career development

  • PMU – Paracelsus Medical Private University, Salzburg, Doctorate in Medical Science
  • FH Upper Austria, Linz, Medical Engineering
  • Manager of clinical studies at Kepler University Hospital (Eye Clinic)
  • Trainer, Quality Austria
  • FH OÖ Forschungs & Entwicklungs GmbH, Linz (Austria) Medical Engineering, Scientific employee
  • Part-time lecturer, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Medical Engineering - Software Lifecycle Processes
  • Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research, Tübingen
  • Smith Kettlewell Eye Research Institute, San Francisco
  • Quality Austria - Medical Devices Development/Production/Distribution
  • CPMS - Certified Professional for Medical Software
  • GCP Update - Implementation of clinical studies in Austria
  • TÜV Süd Akademie - Medical Device Law Basic Course
  • TÜV Süd Akademie - Management systems for manufacturers of medical products
  • TÜV Süd Akademie - Risk Management for Medical Devices according to DIN EN ISO 14971
  • TÜV Süd Akademie - Requirements for suppliers in medical technology
  • TÜV Süd Akademie - Technical Documentation for Medical Devices
  • Quality Austria - Workshop Quality Management, Medical Devices
  • Quality Austria - Workshop Product Documentation, Medical Devices
  • Quality Austria - Process Analyses, Medical Devices


Cornelia Hoflehner, BSc

Project Management, Usability Engineering, IVDR, MDR

Cornelia Hoflehner

The medical technology sector is constantly expanding and it is becoming more and more difficult to keep track of the documentation and guidelines required for the individual products in order to obtain the necessary certifications.

I see it as my mission to support the companies on this complex path.

Career development

  • HLW für Mediendesign und Kommunikation Linz
  • FH OÖ, Campus Linz, Bachelorstudiengang Medizintechnik
  • Derzeit: Recht und Wirtschaft für Techniker (Master)
  • Praktikum Stratec Consumables GmbH (3 Monate)
  • TÜV Süd Akademie - „In-vitro-Diagnostika - Inhalte und Umsetzung der neuen europäischen IVD-Verordnung“
  • TÜV Süd Akademie - „In-vitro-Diagnostika - Technische Dokumentation gem. IVD - Verordnung“

+43 (0)677 62947328

DI Melanie Baumgartner, BSc

Project Management, Usability Engineering(EN 62366), Medical IT networks (IEC 80001-1), MDR

Melanie Baumgartner

The constantly growing degree of innovation in medical technology involves not only positive aspects such as easier work for doctors and improved quality of life for patients, but unfortunately also high risks. Therefore, I see it as my duty to support companies in the medical technology sector in the development of their products.

My main professional focus is on the one hand usability engineering in order to optimally implement the user-product interface and on the other hand IT risk management in order to analyze and manage the risks of connecting medical devices to the medical IT network of a hospital. As RnB project manager it is my duty to lead the entire project team and to always keep it up to date on the basis of clearly arranged and visually designed weekly reports.

Career development

  • FH Oberösterreich, Linz, Studiengang Medizintechnik
  • Nebenberuflich Lehrbeauftragte Fachhochschule Oberösterreich - Projektmanagement und Risikoanalyse
  • Beraterin Systematisches Risikomanagement mit Hauptaugenmerk auf IT-Risikoamangement nach ISO/IEC 80001-1, Calpana Businessconsulting
  • TÜV-Süd - „Usabilitiy von Medizinprodukten - normative Anforderungen“
  • TÜV-Süd - „Usabilitiy von Medizinprodukten - Anwendung und Implementierung“
  • SANITAS - Zertifizierung “IEC 80001-1 Risikomanagement für IT-Netzwerke mit Medizinprodukten”
  • Calpana - Zertifizierung CRISAM® Beraterin
  • Calpana - Zertifizierung CRISAM® Trainerin
  • AUVA - Zertifizierung zur Laserschutzbeauftragten (LSB)

+43 677 6122 89 67

Bernhard Schwartz, BSc MSc

Biostatistics , study planning, study implementation, study evaluation

Bernhard Schwartz

In science, insignificant seeming decisions in project planning can lead to enormous problems in the project's later stages. Careful planning of the study design, including all the subsequent steps, including statistical evaluation, is essential for the success of the project. As a consultant and active scientist, it is my goal to support and accompany clients in the best possible way in the planning and evaluation of studies.

Career development

  • Universität Wien, Wien, Doktorat der Naturwissenschaften
  • FH Technikum Wien, Wien, Gesundheits- und Rehabilitationstechnik
  • FH Technikum Wien, Wien, Sportgerätebau
  • Universität Wien & FH Oberösterreich, Nebenberuflich Lehrbeauftragter, Biomechanik & Sportinformatik
  • FH OÖ Forschungs & Entwicklungs GmbH, Wissenschaftlicher Angestellter & Studienleiter, Medizintechnik & Ergonomie
  • Seibersdorf Labor GmbH, Studienleiter, Inhalationstoxikologie
  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne/Australien, Gastforscher, Biomechanik
  • Kapsch Award
  • Science Slam Gewinner

+43 (0)680 311 69 22

Dr. Stefan Lahnsteiner

Medical Devices Act (MPG), Data Protection Act

Stefan Lahnsteiner

As a lawyer, lecturer and author on legal topics, I have the necessary legal competence to provide advice on questions of medical law (liability, medical product law, etc.) due to my work as a lawyer, lecturer and author. I am also happy to handle the preparation of the necessary contracts, for example in the context of clinical trials.

Career development

  • Absolvierung der Rechtsanwaltsprüfung
  • JKU - Johannes Kepler Universität, Linz, Doktoratsstudium der Rechtswissenschaften
  • PLUS - Paris Lodron Universität, Salzburg, Diplomstudium der Rechtswissenschaften
  • Selbstständig tätiger Rechtsanwalt (Ebensee)
  • Laufende Vortragstätigkeit (WIFI, Österreichische Gesellschaft für Versicherungsfachwissen…)
  • Rechtsanwaltsanwärter bei Landl + Edelmann Rechtsanwaltspartnerschaft, Vöcklabruck
  • Gerichtspraxis BG und LG Salzburg
  • Univ.-Ass. an der Universität Linz, Institut für Multimediale Linzer Rechtsstudien, Abteilung für Multimediales Zivilrecht; Lehrtätigkeit AG und Rep Bürgerliches Recht
  • Insurance Award Brain 2013 des Instituts für Versicherungswirtschaft, Universität Linz
  • Wolf Theiss Award
  • Förderpreis der Gesellschaft für Versicherungsfachwissen
  • Förderpreis D.A.S.
  • Auszeichnung Excellent Talents, Studienvertretung Rechtswissenschaften, Universität Salzburg

+43 6133 5354-14

DI Martin Schmid

Regulatory Compliance, Quality Management for Medical Device Manufacturers

Martin Schmid

Martin Schmid has been Managing Director and Senior Consultant of en.co.tec Schmid KG, Engineering & Management Consultancy for Development, Approval and Quality Management for Medical Devices in Vienna since 2000.

He has extensive regulatory and technology experience in the field of active and inactive medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics in the field of regulatory compliance and quality management for medical device manufacturers.

For many years he has been lecturer / trainer at numerous en.co.tec seminars and en.co.tec in-house trainings, at the universities of applied sciences Upper Austria and Wiener Neustadt, at the Danube University Krems and all Austrian medical technology clusters.

He is a member of the CMI (Regulatory Compliance Initiative of the Federal Ministry of Health / Department of Medical Devices) as well as of international standardization committees.

Mag. pharm. Dr. Theodor Langer, MScTox, PMP

Biocompatibility (EN 10993), Toxicity (EN 10993)

Theodor Langer

As a consultant, I support my clients taking into account holistic and sustainable aspects. Not only the technical side, but also the efficient team structure and team development are central components of the order processing. Each client has a specific problem, therefore the developed solutions are individual. The projects are implemented in the shortest possible time, using resources efficiently and achieving the agreed quality goals.

Career development

  • Master of Science, Toxicology, Universität Wien
  • Doktor der Naturwissenschaften, Universität Wien
  • Magister der Pharmazie, Universität Wien
  • Gründer von Tikopia Consulting
  • Studiengangsleiter Regulatory Affairs am IMC Krems
  • Projektleiter für globale Entwicklungsprojekte bei Baxter
  • Universitätsassistent an der VMU, Wien
  • Apotheker in öffentlichen Apotheken
  • Project Management Professional, PMI
  • Senior Project Managmenet, MCE
  • Leadership Training, CCL
  • Scientific Advice Training, PTI
  • Biologics Drug Development, PERI

+43 660 49 55 780

Mag. Dr. Birgit Spitzer-Sonnleitner

IVD, Analytics, Pharmaceuticals

Birgit Spitzer-Sonnleitner

With many years of experience in various areas of the pharmaceutical industry, including quality assurance, quality control and internal as well as external audits of individual areas, I am able to comprehensively identify requirements and integrate solutions tailored to customer needs. The integration of the systems and the necessary knowledge in the companies is carried out under special consideration of the regulatory requirements.

Within the scope of my consulting activities for companies, I try to establish not only the implementation of the required systems, but also the knowledge within the company.

Career development

  • Doktorat Chemie mit Schwerpunkt Analytische Chemie, Universität Wien
  • Nebenberufliche Lehrbeauftragte IMC Krems (Qualitätsmanagment), FH Wels (Qualitätssicherung im Labor)
  • Auditor (GMP Schwerpunkt API)
  • Qualitätssicherung mit Schwerpunkt Lieferantenmanagement, Auditmanagement Baxter, Nycomed
  • Laborleiter Qualitätskontrolle Baxter
  • Berechtigung zur Ausübung der Funktion der Sachkundigen Person
  • APIC certified Auditor
  • Lehrgang Klinische Studien an der PMU Paracelsus Medizinische Privatuniversität Salzburg
  • Quality Austria Systemmanager Qualität


Marion Krejci, MAS, MBA

Hygiene management, hygienic reprocessing of medical products, hygiene design

Marion Krjeci

Since September 2013 I have been managing partner of HYGline GesmbH hygiene issues & management. I can apply my decades of experience as a practitioner and develop new projects. I am particularly proud of the unique development of the HYGline database. It enables the customer to access his hygiene-relevant data quickly and clearly. For him, this means a decisive “more” security for his hygiene management as well as the continuous improvement of hygiene standards in medical facilities. The EICHY material compatibility database was created on the initiative of HYGline. EICHY (European Interdisciplinary Committee for Hygiene & Compatibility Testing of Medical Devices) offers an electronic platform that provides interested parties with free information on the correct hygienic preparation of medical devices. The platform is aimed primarily at medical professionals and manufacturers of medical devices.

Career development

  • Geschäftsführende Gesellschafterin - HYGline GmbH hygiene isssues & management
  • Prokuristin, gewerberechtliche Geschäftsführerin für Medizinprodukte Antiseptica-Austria chemische- pharmazeutische Produkte GmbH
  • Repräsentantin - F. Joh. Kwizda GesmbH Pharmazeutischer Vollgroßhandel
  • Key Account Management Ost/Österreich, Produkt- und Projektmanagement bei Henkel Hygiene Produkte (später Henkel-Ecolab)
  • DGKP, Hygienefachkraft
  • Professional Master of Business Administration in Change Management - MBA
  • Business Management MAS Universität Klagenfurt
  • Certified Risk ManagerIn
  • DGKP
  • Sonderausbildung in der Krankenhaushygiene
  • Lehrgang für Marketing-Management


Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Dietmar Leichtfried, Business consultant

Medical Devices, In-Vitro-Diagnostics REACH/CLP, PSA, EN ISO 13485

Through my many years of work in the chemical industry, my teaching activities at Upper Austrian technical colleges and as an auditor, I am well acquainted with the legal, normative and documentary requirements for the development and manufacture of medical devices in theory and practice. From many years of experience in technical project management, I know the practical problems and challenges involved in implementing a product idea into a marketable product.

My main focus as a consultant is the support and assistance in the chemical/technical implementation of the requirements according to MDR & IVDR. I am also happy to offer my competence and experience in the development and production of medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics.

Career development

  • Studium der Technischen Chemie & Doktorratsstudium der Technischen Wissenschaften an der TU-Wien
  • Vertragsassistent an der Technischen Universität Wien, Institut für Verfahrenstechnik, Umwelttechnik und Technische Biowissenschaften
  • Gewerberechtliche Geschäftsführung für die Geschäftsbereiche Chemische Laboratorien und Herstellung von Arzneimitteln & Giften und Großhandel von Arzneimitteln & Giften (Greiner Bio-One GmbH; Chemische Industrie, Medizinproduktehersteller)
  • Clinical Research Laboratory Manager (Greiner Bio-One GmbH)
  • Teamleitung Chemical Engineering (Greiner Bio-One GmbH)
  • Lehrbeauftragter an der FH O.Ö. für Gesundheitsberufe und Fakultät für Medizintechnik & Angewandte Sozialwissenschaften
  • Ausbildung zum ISO 13485 Auditor (Quality Austria)

+43 650 5739339


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