DokuWiki: Training, Consulting and Programming

DokuWiki is a common, open source Wiki-system that suits perfectly for business needs. Due to its low system requirements and the easy extensability it can be used nearly everywhere while still providing endless possibilities.

Even now there are tons of PlugIns vor nearly every use-case. In the rare event that there is no existing solution for your needs, R'n'B Consulting offers to complete your project and develop the software for you.

Our services for you

  • Installation, configuration and initial setup of DokuWiki
  • Individual configuration and adaptation of DokuWiki to your company structure
  • Connection to existing services (authentication, calendar, contacts, …)
  • Adaptation of existing plugins to your needs
  • Development of new plugins based on your needs
  • Training of users and administrators

If you need further information, do not hesitate to contact us. Send us your request using our contact form or send us an E-Mail:

Our PlugIns

We are actively involved in developing DokuWiki PlugIns. Thus, there are already a few publihed PlugIns published under the terms of the GPL:

davcal - Calendar with synchronisation

Add a calendar to a wiki page and synchronize it with your devices. It is also possible to view the calendar in tabular form. All calendars are shared based on DokuWiki's permissions.

Screenshot Screenshot

Development Bugtracker

jorgchart - Organisational Chart

Visualise your company structure, without dependencies to external services like Google Charts.


Development Bugtracker

csstimeline - Timeline for your company history

Graphical visualisation of, e.g., a timeline or of news.

The timeline on our home page is based on a modified version of csstimeline (changed design).

Development Bugtracker

authg2fa - Two-factor authentication for DokuWiki

Increase the security of your Wiki by using two-factor authentication. This variant uses one-time-passwords based on time, as they are created by Google Authenticator. As a smartphone app, Google Authenticator is available for all major mobile operating systems.

Development Bugtracker

linksenhanced - Use Wiki-Markup when creating links

Extend the possibilities when creating links by using Wiki-Syntax in the link description.

Development Bugtracker
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